Mommy Duties

Early Childhood Education

Playgroups and preschools are everywhere. Nowadays, babies at few months old can already start attending in meaningful classes. These classes are quite expensive  - even more expensive than primary school. With my two kids, I had them start attending toddler classes on the year they are turning 3 because they became extremely playful and curious… Continue reading Early Childhood Education

Mommy Duties

Lego Party at Jollibee Parkmall

I have always enjoyed planning birthday parties. Having two kids makes party planning a part of me already. Below are the party themes that I’ve had with my kids. Cars Theme (Lightning Mcqueen) Justice League Ben10 Thomas Train Minecraft Five Nights at Freddy’s Ladybug For my son’s seventh birthday, we decided to celebrate it at… Continue reading Lego Party at Jollibee Parkmall