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Lego Party at Jollibee Parkmall

I have always enjoyed planning birthday parties. Having two kids makes party planning a part of me already. Below are the party themes that I’ve had with my kids.

Cars Theme (Lightning Mcqueen)

Justice League


Thomas Train


Five Nights at Freddy’s


For my son’s seventh birthday, we decided to celebrate it at Jollibee Parkmall. Among the Jollibee party venues in Cebu, the Parkmall branch has the biggest space which can accommodate up to 160 guests. We planned to celebrate it with closest family and friends, as well as my son’s classmates and friends from the neighborhood. Below is a picture of the party place.


Jollibee already provides a selection of different themes. We chose the Funtastic Factory theme because the colors greatly match the other theme my son wanted for his seventh birthday – LEGO. Here are few of the items that we had for his LEGO theme.



Jollibee had food packages we can choose from, but I decided to create a package of my own with spaghetti, chicken joy meal and fries. I did not order any ice cream for dessert because I knew that the party only takes two hours, and waiting for the ice cream to be served might add more waiting time.

We chose the 10am-12noon time slot. This was actually the only schedule available when I booked the party but I guess that was lucky for us because there was no party booked before that, and the weather cooperated that time. We were the first ones to use the room, so we were able to go in earlier. From what I’ve heard, they allow guests to enter only at the scheduled party time. I also placed an earlier time in my invitation to be sure that there are already guests at 10am, and the program can start on time.

To make it more fun for the kids, I also paid for the additional mascot. I would have gotten all mascots if they had all of them available, but they only had two available mascots.


Overall, I think it was a great party. The kids enjoyed it a lot. Not all details were perfect (specially on Jollibee’s part), but the kids didn’t care. They just had a blast. You can never go wrong with a birthday party when spent with Jollibee.


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