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BIR Registration for Professionals and Sole Proprietorship

I am currently in the process of finishing registering my profession and my husband’s new business with the Bureau of Internal Revenue(BIR). Registering with the BIR is one major step in starting an undertaking. For myself, I choose to register as a professional for my freelance bookkeeping, while for my husband, he is registering as a sole proprietor.

Here are the requirements that we had to prepare before filling up the needed BIR forms:

  • DTI Certification (Sole Proprietorship)
  • Contract of Lease (Sole Proprietorship)
  • Mayor’s Permit (Sole Proprietorship)
  • Professional Tax Receipt (Professionals)
  • Books of Accounts

Before you start processing, you have to confirm first with BIR on your current Regional District Office (RDO) and the RDO of the business you are registering. If your current RDO is not the same with your business address, you need to file an update using BIR Form 1905 to the current RDO for the transfer of registered address.

Here are the steps for registering with BIR:

  1. Prepare in 3 copies BIR Form 1901 (Application Form) and BIR Form 0605 (Payment Form). Please use the e-forms for Form 0605.
  2. Go to the RDO with jurisdiction over your registered business address.
  3. Submit your documents for review and they will assess the fees needed.
  4. After the assessment, go to an accredited bank to pay the fees using BIR Form 0605.
  5. Go back to the BIR office and approach the registration officer. Submit your documents including a copy of the payment form.
  6. Attend a seminar with BIR.
  7. Submit your books of accounts to be stamped by BIR.
  8. Wait for the release of your Certificate of Registration (COR).

After receiving your COR, you will already be able to go to accredited printers to order invoices and/or official receipts. Printers would usually process the Authority to Print (ATP) themselves after you present the a copy of your COR and Payment Form.

Then, you are done! Good luck on your new venture.


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